Dear Eager Polymers Customer,

This is to let you know that Eager Polymers has been acquired by Reynolds Advanced Materials (Chicago, IL) effective November 13, 2023.

Reynolds Advanced Materials began in 1963 and currently has 12 locations in the USA and Canada. The Reynolds Advanced Materials location in Chicago looks forward to supporting your material needs moving forward. They offer silicone rubbers, epoxies, urethane rubbers and plastics as well as other materials. Starting November 27, 2023, all orders will ship from Reynolds Advanced Materials.

For a period, you will see both Eager Polymers and Reynolds Advanced Materials names on correspondence. Eventually, the name will be changed to Reynolds Advanced Materials.

Eric Petersen is a Materials Specialists and will offer customer support throughout the Midwest. Other Reynolds locations will be available for local support. For more information about Reynolds Advanced Materials, please call 610-850-1904 or e-mail

Reynolds Advanced Materials - Chicago 2600 Lexington St. Broadview, IL 60155 Tel. 708-354-0969

With my original foundation in applications for polyester resins, I will continue supplying customers with polyesters, fiberglass, gel coats and custom colors under the name “Castolite Company”, which will be based in the Chicago area. For more information about Castolite Company, please call me at (708) 224-9980 or e-mail me at

I would like to sincerely thank you for your business over the years and know that you will be well served by Reynolds Advanced Materials.


Mark Villegas
Eager Polymers