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We will be closed on Monday 5/29 in observance of Memorial Day


Many materials are beginning to ease up and become more available. Some prices have begun to decrease as a result. We will always do our best to maintain the most competitive prices as possible. Please always call or email for the most up to date pricing.

Eager Polymers Chicago is your one-stop source for all mold-making and casting projects. We offer a broad range of two-component liquid silicones, urethanes, casting resins, casting plastics, expanding foams, epoxy and polyester resins in packages from pints to 55-gallon drums. In addition, Eager Polymers has an expert and friendly staff ready to talk you through the most complex of projects. Orders usually ship within 1-2 days. Please explore the benefits of choosing Eager Polymers by following the links below, or using the Google search feature to quickly find specific information within our site.

Catalog - Read detailed data sheets on our most popular mold making silicones & urethanes, casting plastics, polyester resins & fiberglassing supplies, low and high-viscosity epoxy, powder fillers, release agents, transparent and opaque pigments and other mold making supplies.

Casting Resin Selector - Answer 12 simple questions to find out which of our casting resins (flexible, rigid, clear, etc.) is the best choice for your project. We will respond in 1-2 days with our recommendations and a price quote.

MSDS - Access our MSDS database and print a copy for your files.

Technical Resources - Learn from our how-to sheets and FAQ archive. Read an overview about the different classes of plastics and definitions for common terms encountered in the mold making and casting industry.

Finished Products - View products for sale made by our clients. Request a custom industrial job, fiberglass repair or bronze casting.

Company Info - Meet the sales staff, learn about shipping options, track orders, view directions to our showroom and see our store hours.

Clearance Items - Click here for a listing of our clearance materials Coming Soon!

Click here to view our complete product and price list in Excel Format. Always call us for the most current pricing as commodities change frequently. Thank You

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