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Methylene Chloride Cleaning Solvent

GENERAL DESCRIPTION:  EP7771 is a virtually non-flammable, high-potentency solvent which is ideally suited for dissolving uncured resin, cleaning surfaces or tools and thinning various resin systems.  


Typical Properties


                Appearance                                          Clear, watery  liquid

                Color                                                      Colorless (Alpha 10 max.)

                Odor                                                       Strong, ether-like

                Viscosity                                               0.449 cps  at 25°C (Brookfield #2 @ 60 rpm)   

                Specific Gravity at 25°C                      1.32

                Density at 25°C                                    10.98 lb/gal

                Moisture                                                less than 100 ppm                                               

                Refractive Index                                   1.421                                                      

                Boiling Point @ 25mm Hg   39.8°C

                Flash Point, COC                                  None

                Dielectric Constant, @ 60Hz              10.7



Eager Plastics offers EP7771 in the following sizes:





                5 Gallons

                55 Gallon Drums



Environmentally:  EP7771 is not a VOC and not photochemically reactive, thus it does not contribute to ozone generation or smog.


Safety:  EP7771 vapors are heavier than air and will collect in low or unventilated areas.  Use respiratory protection in those situations.  Use face shield for eye protection and do not wear contact lenses.    Skin contact sometimes results in a stinging sensation; use solvent resistant gloves.  EP7771 should be handled with respect, where adequate ventilation, personal protective gear is used and personal hygiene is practiced.  See MSDS.


Disclaimer:  This information is based on sources that we believe to be accurate. It is offered in good faith, but without guarantee, since conditions of use are beyond control. All  risk of use are assumed by the user.


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