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Source for liquid thermosets: silicones, moldmaking urethanes, casting plastics, polyester resins, epoxy.
Fiberglass fabrics, release agents, fillers and dyes.
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Coloring Agents, Pigments and Dyes

Eager Polymers provides two types of coloring agents: transparent dyes and opaque pigments. Both systems are compatible with urethane plastic and rubber, epoxy, polyester and shellac. Below you can find a description of the characteristics of each type of dye.

We have over 20 shades of transparent colors that, when added to a clear or light-amber system, will result in brilliant bright castings or coatings. Due to the very dilute nature of this pigment system, light will still shine through a casting, while still giving a hint of color. These colors work best in our clear polyester (EP4101), clear urethane (CC20x-series), clear epoxy coating (EP2551), or semi-clear (SC325-series). These colors are also suitable for use in shellac.

Our other category of pigments also works in polyester, urethane, epoxy and shellac. This is a line of opaque pigments which will turn castings a solid color, not allowing any light to penetrate through.

Neither of these systems is compatible with silicone. If you need to pigment a clear silicone (such as Eager Polymers' P4-series), please read our datasheet on silicone coloring additives.

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