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In fiberglass plug and mold construction, two Duratec products are all that are normally required --- the Surfacing Primer and the Hi-Gloss gel coat additive. Both products provide enhanced ease and quality to surfaces for the classic contact molder and one-off builder.

Duratec Surfacing Primer is gaining widespread acceptance as the plug-surfacing compound of choice for the marine, automotive and pattern-making industries. It is a polyester based primer that has four major advantages over other products used in the past. First, it can be sprayed through a conventional automotive type siphon or HVLP gun that offers the best control and delivery of any system on the market. Second,it is a high build material that fills many surface imperfections and effectively hides all the layers beneath it. Third, it sands easily. Fourth, it is specially formulated to develop and maintain a highly polished finish. When sprayed correctly, the surfacing primer has very little porosity to interfere with the luster.

The Surfacing Primer is also perfect for hiding repairs. High quality cosmetic surfaces like those on Corvettes and boats will benefit from the primer's ability to cover and fill cosmetic imperfections. Even exposed mat and medium weight fabrics can be filled. The primer also has a high heat distortion temperature that keeps it from shrinking after it is fully cured. This eliminates repairs printing through in the final top-coat.

The Hi-Gloss gel coat additive can be mixed 1:1 with regular gel coats to reduce viscosity, reduce porosity, and permit a complete open air cure. The additive may well be described as a reactive thinner. The reduction in viscosity allows gel coat to be sprayed controllably through siphon and HVLP equipment. The more evenly the gel coat is applied, the less sanding is needed to polish the finish. The reduced porosity of the cured gel coat means that it will withstand weathering and hold its shine longer than conventional gel coat as well. The Hi-Gloss gel coat additive also eliminates the tackiness associated with open-air gel coat curing. The catalyzed mixture will air cure to an enamel-like finish.

If you are a mold maker, a properly shaped plug sealed in a coating of highly polished Duratec Surfacing Primer is the perfect starting point for mold making. When the mold surfaces wear out they can also be refurbished instead of making new molds. Body shops can now fill and prime repaired fiberglass quickly, controllably, and without shrinkage. Reapplication of gel coat over large areas is also possible using the Hi-Gloss additive. Boats can be recoated without extended tackiness or time consuming sanding efforts. Finally, high quality surface finishes can be sprayed over one-off parts and that makes the mold-less construction technique more economical than ever. Gain the Duratec advantage for all your applications by calling the telephone number above.

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