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Eager-Buff 600 Grit Polishing Compound

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Eager-Buff 600 is a fine-particle ultra high smoothness paste used as a polishing compound. It has been used to remove scrathces and clean FRP parts, metals and painted surfaces. Eager-Buff 600 is economical, easy to use and produces superior results. When properly used, you can achieve swirl-free finishes. This water-based compound is environmentally friendly.

Eager-Buff 600 is ideally suited for a variety of applications. A smooth, high-gloss finish can be obtained on gel-coated boats; automobile hoods, trunks and door panels; metal molds; bathtubs, showers, pools, and hot tubs; fiberglass parts; metal polishing applications; plexiglass; and many other plastics. It is very clean to use and does not gum or ball up on the workpiece or clothing.

TO USE: Spread Eager-Buff 600 polishing compound on the surface to be polished with a brush or cloth. Apply only several square feet at a time. Lightly mist the surface with water. Immediately machine buff with a clean, damp lamb's wool or synthetic compounding buffing pad. Repeat this process to eliminate scratches from exceptionally hard surfaces. If the compound becomes dry while buffing, mist the surface again with water. Small amounts of water even increase the gloss. For best results, use equipment that generates at least 2500 rpm.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you are having a hard time polishing or are removing scrathes, you are probably using too slow a buffing speed. Increase the speed to at least 2500 rpm.

Eager-Buff 600 is available in the following sizes:
Quart - $14.95
Gallon - $29.50
5 Gallon - $116.00
55 Gallon or Skid - Call

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