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Flexwax Moldmaking Wax

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Flexwax 120 is a low melting temperature moldmaking wax suitable for a variety of applications. Solid at room temperature, it melts to form a thick liquid near 120F. It can be used as an inexpensive brush-on moldmaking material. It is an ideal and safe choice for the replication of human body parts. Our clients have been successful using flexwax for making molds of faces, hands, thumbs, fingers, shoulders, knees, legs, feet, toes, noses, and other body parts.

TO USE: Prepare the skin by applying vaseline liberally over the surface to ease release. Melt flexwax in a double boiler. If a double boiler is unavailable, place in a pot on a stove top or in an oven. Increase the temperature SLOWLY until it is completely melted and reduce heat to 125F. Be sure not to overheat flexwax or apply it to a direct flame. Brush-on the melted wax over the vaseline-coated skin. Immediately apply cheesecloth to this layer for reinforcement and apply a second coat of wax to cover the cloth. Carefully remove the hardened wax (depending upon its geometry, you may have to cut the mold from one side to the top and seal the halves together). Chill it by placing it in a container of cold water.

This mold will be good to create one casting of plaster, polyester or urethane plastic. If more than one casting is needed, this single casting can be used to make a permanent silicone or urethane mold to produce multiple replicas.

In addition, Flexwax can be used for any applications where a low-melting temperature wax is required.

Flexwax is available in the following sizes:
2.5 lb block
5 lb block
30 lb box
Multiple Boxes or Skid - Call

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