3350 W. 48th Pl. Chicago, IL 60632-3000. Phone 773-927-3484, FAX 773-650-5853.
Source for liquid thermosets: silicones, moldmaking urethanes, casting plastics, polyester resins, epoxy.
Fiberglass fabrics, release agents, fillers and dyes.
All products available in small quantity.

Eager Polymers Ordering Information and Payment Options

We accept phone orders paid by Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX. If a credit card cannot be used, orders are shipped COD cash only, or with a money order or certified check in advance. Walk-in customers can pay by cash or credit card. Established companies with solid credit reference can apply for an open account. Sorry, no personal checks. Overseas customers may also use a credit card, or have the total amount wired into our bank account.

Eager Polymers makes shipments via UPS Ground each day. Domestic shipments require a $25.00 minimum order. Due to paperwork constraints, Eager Polymers only makes shipments to the 50 US States. Any overseas orders must be US $250.00 minimum and ship to a freight forwarder within the United States. Over-the-counter sales have no minumim order requirement.

Since we have been focusing our energy in developing a website with as much useful technical information and advice as possible, we have not yet developed an on-line purchasing section. Once we are happy with the content, we will add an online store.


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