3350 W 48th Place   Chicago, IL 60632-3000   Phone 773-927-3484   FAX 773-650-5853
Source for Liquid Thermosets: Silicones, Moldmaking Urethanes, Casting Plastics,
Polyester Resins, Epoxy, Fiberglass Fabrics, Release Agents, Fillers and Dyes.
All products available in small quantity.

Finished Products for Sale

Links to Some Satisfied Customers:

Rail Plaque - Dozens of foam-cast commemerative plaques at affordable prices.
Train Models - S and O Scale Train Model Buildings
Federation Models - Produces plastic science fiction model kits.
Train Models - TT Scale Train models.
Rifle Stocks - Uses Eager's Epoxy and Urethane Plastic
Royal Corinthian - Manufacturer of durable cast polymer stone columns and balusters
Long Grove Confectionery - Specialty Chocolate Casters
Miniature Dolls - A variety of homemade dolls.
Artistic Architectural Ornaments - Custom sculpted and installed interior plaster work based in Chicago

Examples of Products Our Clients Have Made Using Our Liquid Plastics:

*Junod Distribution and Hawaiian Music
*Mini "Cows-on-Parade" - Miniature version of the cows that stormed Chicago in the summer of 1999
*Paintable Plastic Horse - Unfinished horse ready to be painted and resold or given away as a gift.
*Star Trek VI Phasers and Mummy scarab replicas - Made with SC300
*Indoor Water Fountains
*Plaster and cement lawn ornimentation
*Decorative rail plaques
*Model Railroad Trolley Cars

Contact Us Today for Any Fiberglass or Molding-Related Jobs.   We Can Provide Help in the Areas of:

*Industrial Fiberglass Repair - Repair Service Corp (Prospect Heights, IL) rebuilds industrial fiberglass equipment (i.e. tanks, trenches, linings, pipes, ductwork & scrubbers).
*Store Signs
*Custom Liquid Repackaging
*Custom Bronze Castings - Have a bronze bust for a friends' birthday, anniversary or retirement!
*Chrome-plating of plastics
*Architectural Restoration - interior/exterior
*Corvette Repair
*Fiberglass sailboat, yacht or kayak repair
*Residential Fiberglass Repair - awnings, bathtubs, pools
*Custom Silicone Printing Pad Manufacturing
*Pool Repair
*Pattern Making
If these products look interesting and you want to make your own from the raw materials, please visit our catalog or call us today! If you have any products you would like us to include in our finished product category (or if you do custom work), please contact us at 773-927-3484 or send an email to the address below.

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