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Special Effects Rubber Glass

Rubber Glass is a platinum-cure silicone rubber that cures to a hard and clear part. It is mainly used in special effects to mimic breaking glass. By striking with a hammer or dropping on the ground, a part made of rubber glass will shatter and crumble into chunks, without causing any danger or leavinng sharp surfaces.

Because rubber glass is a platinum cure silicone, it is best to use a platinum-cure silicone as the molding material. Eager's close out GE silicone RTV862 or one of our P-series silicones would work best. In addition, a release agent must be used in between the silicone molding surface and the cast. The best choice for release agent is ER 800.

This is a two-component liquid system measured in the mix ratio of 2:1 by weight or by volume. Kit sizes are either 3 Pint kits (2 pints of part A, 1 pint part B) or 3 Gallon kits (2 gallons Part A, 1 Gallon Part B).

The mixture cures overnight to a solid water clear rubber that can then be easily broken or crumbled into pieces that look exactly like broken glass, ice or diamonds. Rubber glass is UV stable and has been used for movie special effects for years. It can be used to create a variety of display effects (encapsulate dried flower arrangements in vases for retail displays), special effects (simulated broken glass where human contact is required), and model effects (simulated ice or water).

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